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bitlit - GAS detection ATM Solution

The newest solution in Europe for preventing gas penetration attacks in ATMs. (13).png

Gas penetration detection

System can detect and alert at the beginning of the Gas attack.

Alarm Activation

Remote activation of noisy alarm and real time alerts to the call center, police and security department.

ATM Shutdown

Remote ATM Power Management and Shutdown.

Strong Battery

Backup battery for continuous machine status and location tracking even when electricity is disconnected - up to 10 hours.

Copia de Raiffeisen Offer - Gas Detectio

Identifying, alerting and preventing in

4 easy steps:

Secure your ATM against Gas penetration attacks


Step n°1

Install our Smart Sensors in the ATM within 30 minutes.

Our sensors are inside the ATM and are impossible to detect with the naked eye. Sensing of movement, vibration, light, heating and inside temperature. (10).png (11).png

Step n°2

Integrate it to your, phone, ERP Software and security department.

Thanks to our cutting-edge Smart Sensors integrated to an IoT Security Platform solution based in the cloud we are able to perform several actions: real time alert to the call center, security department, police, activate loud alarm, foam sprayers, lock doors, etc.


Step n°3

Connect it with your own alarm or our wireless outdoor siren

Within 3 seconds after detecting the gas, bitlit will activate the noisy siren and alarms, making the scammer run away and prevent the robbery.

Copia de Raiffeisen Offer - Gas Detection (3).png (14).png

Step n°4

Monitor and control all your ATMs with our Solution Dashboard

bitlit smart sensors installed in each ATM are integrated into a solution dashboard with the bank's cloud or data center, providing seamless and fast connectivity for real-time-alerting, monitoring and offshoring.

Diseño sin título (21).png


We are preventing 3-4 fraud attacks per week.

bitlit has been proven in the field as a reliable and effective system, preventing dozens of counterfeits and anti-ATM activities with a stunning 96% rate of liability among our units


Order now our Anti-Gas Smart Kit

Every bitlit Kit includes the distribution, shipping, installation, Customer Support and a guaranty for 12 months. (9).png

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